2022 Quest Calendar 📅 An Adventure-a-Day RPG

Created by Sundial Games llc

A role playing calendar taking you on a journey with a quest-a-day in 2022. Choose a hero to play the story throughout the year. Level-up with quests, combat, treasure. Just minutes a day.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Story, Symbols, and a Character Intro
over 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 09, 2021 at 10:18:39 PM

Just hit 70k, stretch goal unlocked and a new one revealed.

The 2022 Quest 

The 2021 Quest Calendar is about a mysterious Dragon Staff and has the players roaming around the world of Maladoria. This was the first world that I created and mapped as a DM. It was exciting to bring it to life for the Quest Calendar and now I get to expand on it further. The 2022 Quest takes characters all across the worlds that make up Terralon. Maladoria is a continent in the world of Terralon and may be in the 2022 calendar, but there is so much more. 

All worlds coexist and touch each other. This balance is maintained through gateways that also act as anchors. The world of the divine dealt a devastating blow to the demon world by destroying their gate. The consequences were unexpected. The leaders of the divine world, believing themselves in a noble quest for harmony amongst the worlds, are separating the worlds they feel are evil. This is wrecking havoc across existence and they must be stopped.

We will have a more in-depth write up of the story when we reveal the cover art that is currently in the works. 


As you can see, the symbols and text we are adding to the scroll (just unlocked) and dice tower are part of ancient knowledge that reveal how to travel between the worlds. You too can have a piece of the dimensional magic that takes our hero across the worlds of Terralon.

And the next stretch goal is revealed:

A Character Introduction

Tsavani (Sa-von-ee) is our featured fighter. Trained in the ways of the martial arts, she is a master of her body and a peak specimen of athletic beauty.  She will have a high damage output in combat and be harder to affect with negative statuses like poisonings. She is skilled in athletics and stealth but not so good in people skills. As she grows in levels, she will have access to powerful abilities based on the vital energy force, Chi.

We will be writing more on the character's background as we finish the storyline.

Updated Shipping, Tax & VAT info, Stretch goals
over 1 year ago – Fri, Mar 05, 2021 at 10:27:08 PM

Oh my! We have already passed $61,402, which was the amount we raised in the 2021 Quest Calendar. And we have already unlocked ALL of the new heroes for 2022. Thank you so much , all of you for making this happen. 

We have a couple important items to update you on and then into the fun.


We have better refined our shipping rates. For most of you, there is no change. For some of you, the shipping is cheaper.  For a very very tiny portion of you, the cost went up a bit. Here is the updated shipping estimates:

 Remember that add-ons will change the price since we will use a by-weight shipping calculation.

VAT and Taxes

Even the mighty heroes of the realm can not escape the punitive decree of the high king's taxes.

With the tax laws around the world changing to crack down on e-commerce business (such as Kickstarter) we will need to register and pay sales tax to the areas we ship to. In the US, sales tax must be collected in Colorado where we have a presence. VAT in Europe is collected when we import the products. If you live in one of these areas, we will be collecting the VAT and taxes of sales (not shipping) in the pledge manager after the campaign ends.

  • Colorado : 7%   
  • UK : 20%       
  • EU: 19%

Stretch Goals

We have already unlocked 4 stretch goals and that includes the 2 Heroes: the Artificer and the Necromancer as well as the Dice bag Upgrade and Marker Upgrade. We are currently working towards one of my favorites: a more magical dice scroll! We will go into detail more on the symbols of this scroll later and how it is tied into the new Quest.

And the next stretch goal is for the 2021 fans that get attached to their heroes. I know I love my Bard, Lyric. We wish we could have these printed out, but it might not work at this time. They will still be available for download.

We only have 3 more stretch goals planned after this. Do you have any suggestions? This is the time and place to let your ideas shine. This is one of the reasons we are on Kickstarter, for the community and ideas you bring forth.

Future updates?

What do you want to see future updates on?

  • Character back story
  • New combat mechanic: status effects
  • New story mechanic: Virtue
  • The new story line
  • Insight on how this is made
  • About me and Sundial Games?

Incredible start!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 02, 2021 at 11:11:27 PM

Wow, just wow! This is just a short celebratory update to thank you all for your support. 

It is a shocking comparison to see what you helped accomplish this year (compared with last year).  We have already unlocked stretch goals for new characters, dice upgrades, marker upgrades, and we are well on our way the the next character.

Remember to get your friends to pledge today for those early bird 🐦⏱ specials. It is the last day! Also, there are some of you that have pledged for the non-early bird tiers. Please go in an update your pledge to get that great discount.

🎉Today is a day worthy of having the greatest bards in the land sing of this mighty triumph.🥳